ISO 6346 Operational Marks

ISO 6346 specifies both compulsory and optional markings. They are used to convey certain information or provide visual warnings.

It is compulsory for maximum gross and tare masses to be marked on a container. Maximum net mass may be provided but is optional. These are ISO 668 rated mass limits however, not legal limits. The maximum gross mass marked on the container must agree with the CSC Safety Approval Plate

MAX GROSS 00 000 kg
00 000 lb
TARE 00 000 kg
00 000 lb

It is compulsory for all containers higher than 8'6" (2.6m) to bear the following:

  1. a height mark on both sides
  2. an area of alternating black and yellow stripes on the top members of each end frame and side wall at each corner adjacent to the corner fitting, of 300mm (12") minimum length, that can be seen from the ground or from the top
Height Mark